20,000+ REACH


20,000+ REACH


PLUS: This option gets your ad online ASAP.

  • One initial picture share and one Price Drop Share

  • Guaranteed 20,000+ Reach

  • Live with in 24 - 48 hours of proper submission.

NOTE: Allow 7 days to be placed in 20,000+ news feeds. Please understand you are purchasing ad exposure only. We do not guarantee any leads. Although it is rare to get no interest, it happens. In that case, just message us on facebook messenger and we will try our best to figure out why.

*Reach = How many individual facebook news feed your car ad will be placed in.

**If you drop the price, message us for one “Price drop alert” share.

A screenshot of FACEBOOK REACH is available upon request after 7 days of post going live. If you have any questions, message us here.

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